Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Personal Update & Random Rants

I still can't get over that I didn't know I had comments! LOL I was always bummed when I check my blog and I'm like nobody visited me! =[ Not that I'm a comment whore or anything but it's just nice to see at least one comment on your blog you know? I feel like suuuch a retard! But I've just been overwhelmed with school, I'm taking math for my Summer Session II, Differential Equations at that. I spent like half the day doing homework or sleeping! They've been working me like a racehorse at work making me pull doubles all the time or giving me crappy schedules! I work at a gym, and I don't really work during the week but they run me hard on the weekends! One weekend I closed Friday night at 11, open Saturday morning at 7, open Sunday morning at 7, AND close Sunday night at 9. I was dead tired. The people who work out there were asking me if I live there! How embarasing! But now that I know you guys actually read my blog I am totally inspired! =] I can't do all my updates tonight so I'll just spread it out I'm off tomorrow too AND I got paid today so I'm gonna hit up the MAC store to buy me some palettes. Plus I've been totally checking out the 189 brush that comes with the New View collection. I always view shopping as, if it's there it's meant to be. Especially when it's the last one in your size! Of course, that's coming from me who is a poor college student, yet uncontrollable shopaholic.

I started this blog as a Make Up Blog - I had no idea there were so many people in the online blogger community! =] Plus my husband is deployed and I needed something to kill time with. But, I do have random thoughts on my mind so excuse me while I just rant for a few paragraphs.

Just random things about me you probably don't care to know, I graduated high school in June 2006 and 10 months later I married my first love. I know it sounds cheesy and I've got a lot of criticism for doing it, but so far it's been the best experience of my life. He's deployed now and I miss him a lot, but being apart really makes me realize how much I love him. But it really is true, that you don't know what things are like until you experience it. After high school I heard a lot about old friends or just people I knew who got married and a lot of the reason seemed like because the guy joined the military. People can totally put me in that category, but I honestly thing some people made a big mistake. The people I know have been getting married like teenagers hook up. They think that it's some kind of fairy tale and you live happily ever after, but truth is, it hasn't begun until you actually do get married. It just disgusts me that I go on my MySpace and their totally flaunting "I got married on July 23 2008 at 9:00 PM!" making a total big deal about it. Marriage isn't all rainbows and butterflies. The things that people do. They act like marriage is something to brag about, like it's another trophy on their shelf, it's so disgusting. And the whole "military wife" thing.. I just hate how people flaunt it. Yes, I am a military wife, but I have yet to experience half the things REAL military wives go through. Me running around bragging about it would be an insult to the women who have done it for over 20 years! Especially when half the people who get married this year are gonna be divorced in a couple years. I just don't think being married is something that you "show off." It's an intimate thing. I just know that I don't need to advertise to the whole world that I'm "such a good wife" when really the greatest feeling is knowing that what you feel for this person, that you love them with all your heart and soul, is mutual. It's like your own little secret. ;]


Ms. _______ 2 be ! said...

First time dropping by.
Yes I know what you mean about the comments.
I am seeing lines after reading your blog...hahaha

Askmewhats said...

awww you have readers! :)

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

hehe. :) i do plan on buying from MAC but i honestly am not crazy about their eyeshadows. i honestly think that NYX or Milani's are just as good as well as mineral pigments and i have about every color of the rainbow if i put my eyeshadow collections together. haha. but i am a fan of their lipsticks, paint pots, and blushes. i want that #187 brush (the original one) so i'll probably end up picking it up. hehe.

it's just funny how everyone's reacting oOo MAC because i was never against MAC i just couldn't justify the prices. :P hehe. but Melody's has definitely made a difference. :P

but i DO think that MAC is overpriced and overhyped and some people that use MAC exclusively are close minded to other brands... and well that does bother me. :P hehe. anywho, thanks for stopping by and saying hi. :)

Vanessa said...

Awww that's so nice that you are a wife at such a young age, I say it's not wrong if your heart says it's right. I am 26 and I constantly get the "So when are you getting married?" questions, im like enough already! lol. I think when people are in love, they can have a tendency to flaunt their relationship/love a little bit out of happiness and delight, but I do agree certain things should be intimate... :)

Trangster said...

Hey there Roxy,

I totally know what you mean. I literally "lived" at my old work place, haha XD. I'm happy I'm not working now, just chilling and doing stupid stuff for the summer lol.

Regarding about the Godiva skincare products. I ordered it on their website ( ). It look them an awful long time to process, I think about 4 days, but the shipping was only 1 day. Hope that helps!


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